Footprint Stool

May 10, 2012
By: Christine LaGrosse, Macaroni Kid Robinson
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Christine LaGrosse, Macaroni Kid Robinson

Thanks to Macaroni Kid Robinson for sharing this cute craft! 

We have a ton of step stools in my house because my kids are just a tad shy of reaching all that they need.  Truth be told, most of mine are old and plastic and they have seen better days for sure!  I was so excited to run across this idea that combines their awesome little tootsies and an item we will use every day! 

Wooden Step Stool:  I picked this one up at a craft store but garage sale season is right around the corner and you may be able to spot one that needs some TLC for a great price.


Paint- Any color you like!  I chose blue because it matches my bathroom but I think bright colors would be great too.

Kid safe paint-  I used acrylic paint for the actual foot print part.  

Step 1: Primer-  Especially if you bought the stool new, primer is a must!  Our stool soaked up 2 coats.  The kids even got in on this action!  They loved it!  However, this paint does not come off easily and they still have some remnants on them after a bath so beware!

Step 2: Final Paint-  We left the kids out of this step because we didn’t want them to end up looking like Smurfs and wanted them to have a nice smooth surface to put their prints on. 


Step 3:  Paint their feet-  We chose an acrylic paint because it’s much easier to wash off!  We painted their feet with a brush because this is MUCH easier than having them dip their feet and much less messy.  We actually did a test print on paper first to make sure it looked perfect and found we put too much paint on so we scraped some off and it was perfect!

Step 4: Add any details or writing you like!

Step 5:  Shellac- We bought a spray shellac to help protect the footprint for years to come.  It didn’t seem to make it too slick and gave it a beautiful finish!