Secret Charlotte~Your Guide to the Weird and Wonderful QC

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By South Charlotte Macaroni Kid April 2, 2017

A sign for a flower shop with no actual shop, a tip jar made from a prosthetic leg, a giant dragon statue that blows smoke and the one place you can read The Art of War on a celling. These are just a few of the secrets contained in Charlotte native Sarah Crosland's, new book, Secret Charlotte. Crosland, who may easily be the number one fan of the QC has pulled together a book filled with all the weird, wonderful and little known facts about Charlotte. Secret Charlotte details some of what makes our city so unique. This is a great book for families, we have been working our way through all of the locations in the book and have enjoyed checking our Charlotte beyond shopping malls and parks. If you need a summer bucket list guide, this is it! How much fun to spend the summer exploring Charlotte and checking out the only mummy in NC, get to know the stories behind the statues in Charlotte that you pass all the time and check out all of the haunted posts in the area. This quirky and informative look at Charlotte will only help to deepen your love of Charlotte. Secret Charlotte is available at Amazonย along with Sarah Crosland's 100 Things to Do in Charlotte Before You Die. ย