5 Easy Easter Crafts to Make

April 11, 2019

Hello Spring! This sweet, pastel-filled season brings one of the most rejoiceful holidays of the season. Easter. This equally candy-coated, chocolate bunny filled holiday is coming at us so quickly. Don’t waste your time buying easter decorations because we have gathered some awesome crafts worth making with your little ones. Try them out and share them with us via Instagram @MacKidClt or Facebook @MacaroniKidSouthCharlotte.

Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Supplies: Flour, salt, water, cookie cutter, acrylic paint, mod podge, glitter, string

Directions: (Find them here)

PC: The Best Idea for Kids

Easter Egg Wreath

Supplies: Paper plate, colored paper, glue, ribbon, cookie cutter, scissors

Directions: (Find them here)

PC: The Resourceful Mama

Suncatcher Easter Eggs

Supplies: Scissors, contact paper, tissue paper, string, sharpies

Directions: (Find them here)

PC: The Crafting Chicks

Rainbow Easter Baskets

Supplies: Woodcraft sticks, cardboard tube, card stock paper, pipe cleaner, Washi tape, acrylic paint, scissors

Directions: (Find them here)

PC: The Joy of Sharing Arts and Crafts for Kids

No Sew Sock Bunny

Supplies: Scissors, tape, rice, string, socks, ribbon, marker

Directions: (Find them here)

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