Live Boldly~ Attn MOMS! This Video is for You!

By Kim Wojnowich July 5, 2019

Summer is the best and the worst of seasons for parents. We adore the time we get with our kids, the lazy days and the break from routine. Summer can also be a time when we are so busy taking care of the kids that we don't take time for ourselves. Over the next few months we will be sharing some tips to help us learn to take time for ourselves. Kim is an amazing life coach, she is a busy mom, small business owner and an all around cool chick. Kim will be offering Mac Kid readers tips to help us with some of the things that moms struggle with the most including FOMO, comparing our lives to other's highlight reels, figuring out what to do next and more! So meet Kim! We know you will love her as much as we do~ 

Are you ready to love boldly? Contact Kim for a free 30 minute session and get started!

Meet Kim~ 

Kim is a coach and motivational speaker who has had a life long career in health and wellness that started with a Masters Degree in Health Education 25 years ago.

She has spent her career motivating individuals to improve their health and their life. During her roller coaster of growth building a network marketing business- she spent years studying and participating in personal development programs.  These programs taught her tools to change her mind set  and build her confidence, find her value and purpose,  and ultimately helped her FIND HER BOLD.  She is now a coach helping others do the same. 

Through Kim’s coaching and programs she is helping busy working moms rediscover the greatness within themselves that has gotten lost over the years. She teaches her clients to find their BOLD, stand in their value, and take action creating confidence and influence in both their personal and professional lives.

Kim has an amazing husband Marc and juggles a very busy working mom life with 2 fantastic teenage daughters, Zoe and Taylor. 

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