By Young and Polite Pediatric Dentistry August 9, 2019

Every parent knows that the usual part of a kid’s menu involves everything from chewy candy to crunchy snacks. However, life with braces Mint Hill becomes an entirely different ballgame when it comes to eating because it gets trickier and more restrictive. Kids that get their braces Mint Hill for the first time will realize that eating their favorite foods would seem impossible without experiencing a degree of discomfort and causing damage to their new orthodontic devices. Luckily, you can help your child adjust well by preparing braces-friendly foods to eat and steering clear from foods that aren’t.


To maintain the integrity of your child’s braces Mint Hill throughout treatment, the dentist will recommend picking braces-friendly foods, as well as preparation methods. Soft food choices such as soup, yogurt, JELL-O, pudding, pasta, eggs, cheese, rice, peas, potatoes, salads, French toast, pancakes, milkshakes, poultry, soft meats, fish, cereals, peanut butter, canned fruits, and ice cream. Hard fruits are normally off-limits, but if you slice them into small pieces or thin wedges, it would be easier for your kids to eat them without damaging their braces. Similarly, crunchy vegetables such as carrots can be braces-approved if they’re steamed or sliced into slivers. Great breakfast choices include yogurt, eggs, and oatmeal. For lunch, your kids can have salad or a sandwich without nuts. String cheese and bananas would make good options for afternoon snacks. Finally, you can serve cooked vegetables and lean proteins such as fish or chicken for dinner.


Certain foods can detach brackets from teeth, or they could stick to the wiring. Foods that belong to the “don’t eat” category include ice, nuts, popcorn kernels, hard candies, tortilla chips, taffy, caramel, gum, whole apples, corn on the cob, pizza crust, and beef jerky.

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If you notice your child’s braces are damaged after eating a meal, contact Young and Polite Children’s Dentistry to schedule your kid’s appointment right away.