The Y is the Go-To Spot for Healthy out of School Time

September 6, 2019

In the United States, approximately one in five children, under the age of 19, are obese according to research from the CDC. The time that your child spends after school, during weekends and in the summer has an enormous impact on their health.

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month and the YMCA of Greater Charlotte is committed to provide engaging outlets for kids and families in our community take part in healthy activities:

Afterschool Improves Education Through Activity

Additional research shows that there is a positive correlation between healthy behaviors and academic achievement — healthier kids tend to achieve higher grades, pass standardized tests, have higher graduation rates and miss fewer days of school. Afterschool programs play an important role in getting kids physically active and encouraging healthy habits, and the YMCA Afterschool curriculum is designed with these factors in mind.

After a long day in classes, the YMCA gives kids the chance to get up, stretch their legs and play with their friends. To help instill healthy behaviors, kids are active participants in choosing the activities they’re most interested in. Whether its yoga, sports, playground games, gym group activities or even nature walks, students find new engaging ways to play.

The Y also understands the importance that a child’s diet has on their development. Every student is given healthy snacks that fuel their bodies for fun.

Try Sports, Gymnastics or Dance

Youth sports, gymnastics and dance are some of the most fun and dynamic ways for kids to get exercise. Sports like soccer and flag football increase fitness while teaching kids how to work as a team while gymnastics and dance focus on balance, agility and strength.

Kids who play sports discover so much more than their athletic abilities. Sure, they get stronger and learn skills that make them a better player. But they also discover what working together accomplishes and what it feels like to gain confidence with each new practice.

Preschool Prepares Kids Through Play

Preschoolers learn best through purposefully-planned play. Preschool at the Y not only offers opportunities to improve literacy, socialization and self-esteem, it is also carefully structured to boost physical development.

Through indoor/outdoor games, sports, crafts and music, kids get active as they develop their fine and gross motor skills. 

Visit the Y for Even More Family-Friendly Fitness

Visit to learn about tons of other fun activities happening in the Charlotte area. From family gym memberships to free events, there’s always something cool to do!