Fall back into Fitness

Self-Caring is Sharing: Take care of yourself so you can take care of them!

By Josh Rudolph and Rachael Weiss October 3, 2019

**This article originally appeared on Union County Macaroni Kid but the information was too awesome for me to not share with you!

Now that the weather is starting to change, the kids are back in school and activities and the days are shorter - it is easy to forget to take care of yourself. But self-care is an absolute requirement in my house; without it, I am just a lousy mom. I asked my own trainer for some tips I could share with you all and here's what he said:


Heart Healthy Although a small waist may look great, what is the most important muscle in your body? Your heart! Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Get up and move. Go for a walk or remain active for at least 30 minutes a day. Along with exercise, be sure to keep your diet in check and try out some of these heart healthy foods! 

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Fatty Fish(Salmon)
  • Avocado
  • Even dark chocolate! (in moderation :) )

Internal Strength.  Along with cardiovascular health, our bones tend to be pretty important too! As we age our bones continue to become thinner and weaker, especially if we are slow to act. Strength training and weight bearing exercises are a great way to slow the decrease of bone density. Did you know that women have less bone tissue than men? This already puts you at greater risk! Ladies, don’t be afraid to reach for those dumbbells!:) 

Also be sure to keep plenty of calcium and vitamin D in your diet. Broccoli, almonds, and kale are a great way to get in some calcium. Vitamin D helps our bodies absorb calcium and can be found from sources such as salmon, mushrooms, eggs, and milk.

Accountability. As the weather begins to cool down we find it much easier to get and stay outside...well, I do! Find a friend who loves to be outside and go burn some calories together! We are far more likely to continue moving if we have someone else with a similar mindset. Have their back and stay on track.


Basics. Movement=caloric expenditure. You don’t need a degree in exercise physiology to move your body. Walking, jogging, or swimming are great ways to get started if you are uncomfortable working out on your own. Bodyweight exercise such as ; squats, lunges, push ups, sit ups, and planks are movements to help strengthen and tone your muscles. They also provide a base to work out of and develop your acumen on other more advanced movements. 

Get Started. Nothing to it but to do it! Are you making commitments to yourself that you never follow through with? We have all been there. One of the biggest challenges we face is right in our head. Get out of it! Get up and move. It doesn’t matter what it is that you’re doing, it’s better than sitting around telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow. Start small, pick a goal for yourself, and get to it! 

Josh Rudolph has been a certified personal trainer for 8 years. He currently trains at Burn Boot Camp Matthews on W. John Street. He is passionate about helping others to find the best version of themselves in and out of the gym. Click here for your FREE two week trial with Josh and the amazing team at Burn Matthews. You won’t regret it!