The Secrets of the Animals~A Gift for Your Children and Yourself

A Very Special Book That Should Be on Your Bookshelf

October 24, 2019

There are some books that we buy for our children that become ones that you want to read over and over. The Secrets of the Animals has become that book for myself and my daughter. The simple concept provides children with a beautiful and simple guide to the world through animals. Sandra Mendelson has taken her relationship with animals and channeled the lessons they bring to the world into simple lessons for our children. 

The Secrets of the Animals offers parents a way to connect with their children and open a window to talk about their children's concerns, hopes, fears and dreams. My daughter is in middle school, and she found the messages so relevant to her, as a parent I love the leading questions at the bottom of each secret and the dialogue it opens. 

The books are wonderful for all ages and stages, the books will grow with your children as their feelings deepen and their needs for communication change as they get older. The stories offer a chance to deepen your bond with your child and the world around you. The Secrets of the Animals provides a launch pad to get to know your children on a much deeper level, animals are relatable for children and give them a way to express themselves in a non-treating way and help them learn to tune into their inner wisdom and intuition. 

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Sandra Mendelson CLT, CPT, HC


Sandra Mendelson is a channel of consciousness via the animal world, an animal communicator, author, blogger and speaker.

Sandra began facilitating greater connection between humans and non-humans as an evolution of her work in human and animal nutrition and healing as a Certified Polychromatic Light Therapist, Equine Photopuncture Therapist and Health Coach.

Sandra’s first book, We Walk Beside You: Animal Messages For An Awakening World, (October 2017) – We Walk Beside You includes a children’s trilogy: The Secrets of The Animals. Written in rhyme, the trilogy delivers animal messages to help children realize their own intuitive gifts so they can connect with all life. Real life dog Mister T guides children through a different journey in each book: in Book 1, through the neighborhood, in Book 2, to a farm(and Book 3 will take them across the jungles, oceans, forests and plains, etc of the world).  The reader meets different animals, each with a special secret “Animal Wisdom Way” that enables them to see things the way animals do. Children see they can move beyond human obstacles like fear, bullies, change and judgment so they can feel more peaceful, know their own worth and embrace their ability to understand what animals are communicating.