What My Kids are Watching

By Rachael Weiss Publisher Union County Macaroni Kid November 8, 2019

Let's be honest: most of us use the TV or other "screen time" every-so-often. Sometimes more than that. I can admit it: my kids like TV. They ask for it and the only way I can make myself feel OK about it is to ensure that the shows 

  1. Teach them SOMETHING

But seriously, there are shows that just annoy me. I cannot listen to Caillou's voice. I cannot stand Dora. And if I have to watch one more episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I might scream. No doubt these shows teach our kids valuable lessons - a reason we watched them when they were younger, but now..... I just can't! 

So we went on a quest to find shows that would both teach them something and not annoy me (see above requirements). Hallelujah for Netflix and Amazon Prime Video! 

Here's our list of favorites (right now) and why we love them. 

  • Amazon Prime Video:
    • Pete the Cat: Who doesn't love that sweet blue cat? The kids loved the books, so when we found the shows, we were ALL IN. The stories are really applicable to our life right now and they are short enough that I can say "two episodes and then we'll do _________".
    • Creative Galaxy: Arty and his sidekick Epiphany travel the Creative Galaxy looking for ways to solve their problem with art. My boys were never much into ART, per se, only the MESS they would make as a result of said "art". However, once we started watching the show, they began to create actual THINGS - they started asking to make papier mache or "thought boxes." 
    • Dino Dana: We love all things dinosaur and once we'd finished Dino Dan, they moved on to Dino Dana. It's teaching my boys that they can use their imaginations while they also learn new facts about dinosaurs.
    • Wild Kratts: We know this is on PBS, but you can get all the seasons on Amazon Prime Video - which is really helpful. The kids love animals and this is great way to expose them to a wide variety. Just last week my kids played "Peregrine Falcon". I don't know quite what that is, but they do! 

  • Netflix:
    • Octonauts: My older son is ALL ABOUT SEA CREATURES!!! He has added marine biologist to his list of "when I grow ups" and I do credit this show. He loves learning about the ways our sea life interacts under the water and is quick to tell me all about it, all the time. 
    • Motown Magic: Music, music and more music - and mixed in, little lessons about compassion, respect and sense of self. Plus, its a show that doesn't just represent kids that look like us - and I love that!
    • Storybots: Great guest stars like Snoop Dog help make this one better for me. The kids are always asking how things work - and I can usually find a show that explains it. Thanks Netflix! 
    • Archibald's Next Big Thing: I don't really know what draws them in, but I love that Archibald is constantly trying to find creative ways to work with others to get himself (or others) out of sticky situations. The kids love watching and I don't mind it as background noise, ether. 

Now, I am not saying that the TV should be your babysitter! But, when your kid is sick, you have a long car ride or you want to let them veg out for an hour before you play outside, go on an adventure or do homework, these are some kid-tested and *THIS MOTHER* approved shows. And, especially as the fall rain begins to fall - at least you have one alternative when you just need an hour of quiet!

How do you use screens in your house? Are there any shows your kids love that I might have missed? 

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