The Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide~ A Love Letter for You Mom~

By Kim Wojnowich December 3, 2019

Dear Macaroni Moms-  

How can it be that the holidays are already upon us? It’s such an exciting time of year! IT IS. Ok - Let’s be real.. the holidays ARE an exciting time for family, celebrating, holiday spirit, and togetherness- which also comes along with stress, chaos, loads of errands, and did I mention FAMILY? 

So in the spirit of knowing that while you WILL enjoy it- my TOP TOP 5 Holiday Survival Guide Tips will help you enjoy it even more! 

1. Take Time for YOU: I know this can be the hardest time of the year to find that time. But schedule it in. You can do it! It is so important that amidst the hustle and bustle you get to the gym, take a yoga class, go on a brisk walk or whatever you enjoy, to take care of your body physically.  This is not about weight loss. This is about sanity and health.  Plus- at the end of the season- you will feel much better physically AND mentally if you took that time to still take care of yourself.  Not to mention, staying in the habit of exercising during the holidays will start your New Year off ahead of the game! 

2. 5 Minutes of mental health meditation.  YES, that’s right.. start meditating. I know I know .. you think this is for other people, not you.  But meditation has been proven to provide benefits for stress, anxiety, and depression.  What better time to start than now? And I have an easy way for you to begin! Download the free app- Simple Habit and start with 5 minutes. In the midst of all the crazy- you won’t believe how amazing just 5 minutes of quiet and focus will improve your ability to stay calm,  lower your stress and anxiety, and keep your happy mood. Go on try it!  Take a deep breath, sit, and appreciate the 5 minutes of mindful focus.

What you focus on You Find- ok so unless you are a very small minority, you have family that can be difficult to be around. They say shocking things, behave in a way that you wouldn’t and can frustrate you and get under your skin. Don’t worry- your secret is safe.. AND you are not alone.  So repeat this phrase What you Focus on you Find. When you go in knowing this family member or members irritate you- you will be focused on it. And guess what? you WILL find it. So this year- focus on something else. What do you like and respect about Cousin Phil or Aunt Sally? What story do they share that you never knew? What knowledge do they have? Ask questions that focus on their qualities that you enjoy. LOOK for the positive and change your focus before you ever see them. You won’t believe the difference! AND guess what- they still might say something rude, abrupt, or annoying. KEEP your focus and laugh it off or shrug it off and LET IT go. None of us are perfect, are we? 

 4. Gratitude: We all tend to talk gratitude on Thanksgiving, but how about continuing to focus on this all throughout the holidays? It is easy to get caught up in all the stress.  It’s easy to be exhausted, frustrated, and take it out on all those around you. Instead of yelling at your kids or spouse-(yeah we have all done that!)  -Take time every day for gratitude! This is a great exercise for the whole family to take part in together. Every night at dinner or before bed- write down 2 things each of you are grateful for. This makes for excellent family discussions over the holidays as well!  Nothing like remembering all that we are grateful for to change your mood and keep the holiday spirit.

DO something for others. Volunteer at any organization together or with friends. Spontaneously bring holiday cookies to friends, an assisted living facility (THEY LOVE children!)  or someone you know struggling over the holidays. Spreading your cheer will KEEP your cheer. There is nothing more invigorating than bringing smiles to others. And there is nothing more helpful to you, then helping someone else.  And being a role model and teaching this to your children at an early age is perhaps the best holiday gift they can receive!
And for my BONUS tip 

KEEP your social media viewing with reality!  NO- everyone is not having a better holiday than you. NO- everyone’s children are not better behaved than yours. You know they were screaming and fighting on the shots that DIDN’T get posted.  No- everyone’s family does NOT get along better than yours.  Go back to what you focus on you find.  Stop focusing on that. Focus on you and what you can control.  This holiday season finds your BOLD and focus on following these few tips and being intentional with staying calm, happy, healthy,  and grateful this year! You can do it!  

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