Swim Lessons~ So Much More Than Just Learning to Swim

The benefits of swim lessons beyond the pool

By Kelly Gaines, Owner Charlotte Aquatics February 26, 2020

Most parents put their children in swim lessons because they want their children to be safer around the water. Or perhaps, they feel it is good exercise or they just need an after-school activity. But besides the obvious – safer (actually, formal swim lessons reduce the risk of drowning by 88%) and great exercise, there are so many more benefits to swim lessons. Let’s group them into three categories:

  1. Motor Development
  2. Cognitive development
  3. Emotional/social development

Clearly, swim lessons improve motor development. Students are performing complex motor movements. They are using both their arms and legs, developing their core muscles, and working on balance, coordination, and motor planning. The extra resistance of the water helps to strengthen all of these muscles and improves cardiovascular function.

Not only does learning to swim improve motor development but it improves cognitive development as well. When your child is learning to swim, which is a complex motor movement, they are exercising areas of the brain involved in learning. Complex motor movements, like swimming, that include contra-lateral (right side and left side) and use of both upper and lower extremities, builds brain synapses. The more synapses, the more brainpower. The more brainpower, the smarter you are! In addition, complex motor movements, like swimming, facilitate reading readiness and language development.

The most overlooked benefit of swim lessons is the social and emotional development that occurs. Your child is getting copious amounts of sensory and kinesthetic input directly from the water, from movement, and both visually and auditorily. Sensory input helps your child know where their body is in space and helps organize the brain to improve emotional control, self-control, and self-discipline. 

Besides all of this great emotional development, swim lessons provide great social development. Children are learning to work in a group, follow directions, and pay attention to verbal and visual cues. All great precursors for success in school. In addition, our students are learning how to set a goal, work hard, and persevere. Neuroscientists tell us that hard work and the expectation of realizing a goal activate positive feelings while suppressing fear and other negative emotions. Goal setting makes us happier! 

Yes, swim lessons will make your child safer around the water. It is great exercise and activity. But the additional developmental benefits make swim lessons one of the best activities your child can do! 

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