Homeschooling: Ease-in or All-in?

Figuring out What Works for Your Family and a Printable Schedule!

By By Rachael Weiss, Publisher ~ Union County Macaroni Kid March 16, 2020

If like me, you are conflicted as to how to start this new normal of social-distancing and home-based-learning, you've been searching the Internet and coming across many differing points of view. Living in the Charlotte-area, I have loads of friends and resources when it comes to homeschooling. Many have shared with me that, especially because it will be new to my family, it may not be as simple as just printing out some lesson plans and getting started. My kids are used to our home is just that: HOME. 

So, personally, I will be easing into this home-based learning. Yes, we will be trying to follow a schedule, but I will not be strict about it. This is all new for us and we are navigating it together, as a family. I cannot tell you what will work for your crew - or you as a parent - but in the event, you are looking for some guidance in creating a routine, you can find a downloadable schedule HERE

And, no matter what you decide, don't let the world dictate what you do. You know your people. Just love them and do right by your neighbors and it will all work out!