Social Distance Friendly🥚Egg🥚Hunt!


By Adapted from Brigette Schroeder - Publisher & Editor: MACARONI KID Yorkville - Geneva - St. Charles March 22, 2020, we're week 2 of "No School B/C of COVID-19" and I'm trying my best to keep my kiddos busy and at the same time help you keep your kiddos busy, too. A lot of you shared with me that your neighborhoods hosted a virtual shamrock hunt and I thought to my self:

"Self," I said, "why can't we do this with egg hunts?" And so, here we are. 

All you have to do is put an🥚Easter Egg🥚or 2 or more in your front window. That’s it! Color them, paint them, print them from the printer, whichever you prefer. I've attached a couple of templates to make it even easier for you (& there's even a fun one for moms & dads to color).

Then when you're outside getting some fresh air and doing "recess," walk around your neighborhood and see how many🥚Eggs🥚 you can find - just like we did for the shamrocks! It would be awesome to post pictures on our Facebook page Union County Macaroni Kid! Use the tag #UCMKEggHunt2020 also, so we can see all of the awesome eggs are finding.🙂

 It’s easy. Social distancing.✔️ Time outside.✔️ Just put some Easter Eggs in your window.✔️