Virtual Events at Club Gymboree

March 23, 2020
 We at Club Gymboree are doing as much as we can to post activities and FREE Music Classes to our members and non-members during this time of quarantine.  We will be doing a Zoom music class starting March 24th @ 11am and then every Tuesday and Thursday @ 11am moving forward during this time of Quarantine.  We are also doing a virtual mom's group circle on Fridays @ 4:30pm with a highlighted topic of discussion each week.  Mrs. Kristina, with her husband Mr. Bobby, are the owners of Club Gymboree in Ballantyne.  We are a locally owned franchise run by this husband wife duo team always bringing top notch learning to our community and beyond.  Our all-inclusive kids gym, music class program and arts room services our community, supporting families to encourage the highest form of learning through play.  See for more info.  We are also currently posting arts/craft activities, story time and a fun Stem learning activities for ages 0-5 on an almost everyday basis on our Facebook page: .  Mrs. Kristina created her own music program called Jelly Bean Jamz (after teaching private and group piano lessons for over 20 years and devoting her time to serving as a Music School Director in California for over 15 years).  Before she decided to have her first child, she developed her early childhood education program: Jelly Bean Jamz in Playa Vista, CA circa 2010.  Her program exploded and she taught throughout her community in Kindergartens, preschools, yoga studios and eventually she opened up her own school.  After being beyond busy teaching a plethora of piano and early childhood music classes, her daughter, Naomi Luna was born in 2016.  As in every life milestone, she had to make a hard decision to take a leap of faith, and move to Charlotte, NC where life seemed more simple, more family oriented and she could forsee spending more time with her "babies".  Shortly after her move in 2017 she came upon the opportunity to purchase Club Gymboree in Ballantyne.  Since October 2017 she and her husband have been working endless hours to bring top-notch early childhood education to our community.  More than that, we have created a loving and supportive community for all families and businesses within our circle.  We LOVE Charlotte, We adore our families, we couldn't be more blessed to bring a community space of learning, friendships and firsts at our facility in Ballantyne.  As we have entered these uncertain times, we are reaching further within our California and Charlotte, NC audiences (and audiences across the globe) and creating virtual learning content for all to access.  Please like us at: and explore the endless possibilities of top-notch learning for your littles.  Find a safe and innovative space of connections and reconnections.
Mrs. Kristina & Mr. Bobby