Podcast Picks to Help Homeschool and Entertain

Some of our favorite podcasts for kids of all ages

By Rachael Weiss ~ Publisher, Union County Macaroni Kid March 29, 2020

As we begin week 3 of Corona-cation and social distancing, we could probably all use a few extra tools to help us manage our homeschooling, lesson planning and efforts to keep screen-time at bay.  If you haven’t already jumped on the Podcast bandwagon, now is a great time to introduce Podcasts to your kids. Not only are they entertaining, but in many instances, they are also educational.

Currently browsing through our list of go-to Podcasts, many of them are tackling questions like “what is a virus?” or “why do we wash our hands?” Some are just adding extra content to keep you and your kiddos occupied while we stay home in our efforts to social-distance and flatten the curve. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll likely find it. 

I find myself streaming some of these stories and then giving my children writing (or drawing) assignments to illustrate what it is they just learned. BOOM! The lesson plan accomplished. 

Here are some of our favorites and some others that come highly recommended by our friends and family!

Story Pirates: Story Pirates is an entertaining blend of story-telling and improv, with some kid-friendly humor and awesomely-weird song added in. Each episode is created using a child’s submitted story and performed by a great cast of characters - sometimes with some famous guests.

Story Spectacular: While the host of this show has a VERY mellow demeanor, her stories are fun and engaging. This is probably best for your younger elementary and preschool-aged kids. 

Reading Bug Adventures: This podcast is created by a children’s bookseller in San Carlos, California and her daughter-in-law and leads children on fun adventures in reading every week with original content and fun stories.

WOW In the World: This NPR podcast, hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, takes kids (and their grownups) on explorations of the scientific world around them. From the human body to space, this is a great podcast for curious kids.

Brain’s On: Another great podcast that answers some of the most interesting and timely questions about the world around us. This podcast is science-based and has kid co-hosts to interview the guests as they explore questions about science and history.

Stories Podcast: This podcast is great for car rides or bedtime with its depth of weekly stories. Sometimes, it’s a retold fable or fairy tale and others it’s a newly created story just for the show - but no matter what story is being told, it is age-appropriate for the youngest of listeners and enjoyable even for the older ones!

What if World: This story-based podcast is great for kids who love to ask “what if” and use their imaginations. The host, Eric O’Keeffe creates stories out of silly scenarios and encourages kids to write their own “what if” worlds!

But Why: We’ve all been asked “But Why” and now there’s a podcast to help get to the bottom of the answer barrel! While the podcast is hosted by NPR, the questions all come from kids, just like yours, who are curious about why things happen!

Big Life Kids Podcast: This growth-mindset podcast is great for all ages; it's a combination of stories and affirmations that are particularly helpful as we navigate this new social distancing world.  

Tumble: This science podcast tackles questions big and small, particularly for children, but to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Pants on Fire: This podcast is both entertaining and educational. Your child will be presented with facts by different people on the podcast and will need to determine which person is the liar! It’s a fun, and sometimes funny, podcast that even bigger kids will enjoy.

Smash Boom Best: Created by the same producers as Brains On, this podcast poses a question of two guests. The guests, following a debate-like format, have to persuade you to their side. My kids love learning about different things and listening to the silly ways that they answer the sometimes strangely formatted questions. It’s entertaining and also a great intro to debate

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: Based on the best selling books, each story is a brief biography of a woman who shook up the world. The best part, each biography is read by another woman who is shaking things up now. These podcasts are brief and inspiring for girls and boys of all ages. 

Be Calm on Ahway Island Bedtime Stories: Beautiful and calming stories for kids to listen to at bedtime, naptime or anytime they are feeling overwhelmed. 

Peace Out: Short stories that help children learn self-regulation and mindfulness through visualization and breathing. 

Ear Snacks:  A great musical podcast that parents will love as much as kids.