Must-Learn Teen Life Skills for Corona-cation

Things Your Teen Can Learn While Home for COVID-19

By Rebecca Plaisance ~ Publisher, South Charlotte Macaroni Kid March 29, 2020

Teens stuck at home? Here are some ideas for life skills they can work on in between school work and XBOX 

  • Learn to balance a checkbook 
  • Learn to write a resume and cover letter 
  • Learn to cook some basic meals~ One for a crowd, one for a date, one when you are broke and one that takes 30 minutes or less. 
  • Learn to bake bread 
  • Learn to make baked goods from scratch, not a box 
  • Learn to do laundry
  • Learn how to get different stains out of clothes 
  • Learn how to unclog a toilet 
  • Unclog a sink 
  • Learn how to do basic home repairs 
  • Learn how to care for a garden and plant something 
  • Learn how to understand credit, read a credit report and the implications of credit cards 
  • Learn about stocks and other investing options 
  • Learn about compound interest and how to safe for the future
  • Learn how to write letters/cards for various occasions 
  • Start to look at colleges
  • Learn how to exercise with bodyweight exercises 
  • Find a new skill to learn from YouTube 
  • How to make a grocery list and price compare items 
  • How to select good produce 
  • Practice interview skills 
  • Learn how to sew on a button 
  • Learn how to iron dress pants and a dress shirt or other dress clothes 
  • Learn how to tie a tie 
  • Learn how to jump-start a car 
  • Learn how to change a tire 
  • Learn how to write a check 
  • Learn how to address an envelope 
  • Learn how to make a budget and how to use it 
  • Learn how to pay a bill 
  • Learn basic first aid skills
  • Learn how and why it is important to vote 
  • Learn how to stand up for themselves 
  • Learn how to ask for what they want or need (like a job, raise or help with something) 
  • Learn how to read a map
  • Learn how to deep clean a house 
  • What to do if they have a car accident