South Charlotte Macaroni Kid Wants to Celebrate the Class of 2020!

By South Charlotte Macaroni Kid April 6, 2020

Macaroni Kid is a network of more than 500 sites across the US. Like many of you, we have some local publishers who are under stay put orders and have kids who have had their school year not play out the way they had wanted them to. Jen Schoor, my friend who runs the Reading PA site has a senior and her son's school year has ended without many of the milestones seniors are counting on and have looked forward to. She has started a great way to still celebrate the seniors in her community and we would like to do the same for the seniors in our area~ This year will be memorable for our senior but maybe not for the reasons you (and they) had hoped but let''s take some time and celebrate what they have accomplished and their plans~ Your senior has worked hard and deserve to be celebrated, we are hoping you will help us put together a virtual yearbook of sorts and share their accomplishments and let us cheer them on with you! 

All you have to do is fill out the form to tell me about your senior and upload a photo, and I will do the rest. Will it fill the void of all they are missing? No, not even close. But I hope it brings smiles to the faces of friends and family members when they see their son, daughter, friend, grandchild, niece, nephew, or neighbor recognized in this small way. 

May this be the year when you not only learn how to weather a storm but also to dance in the rain! It's ok to grieve the things you'll be missing, but I hope you will also find ways to make some great memories!