Upgrade Your At-Home Date Night

Wine Pairing Suggestions from Mario's Italian Restaurant

By Mario's Italian Restaurant ~ Matthews April 12, 2020

Even if you can't go out for a fancy date-night, there's no reason to skimp on the sophistication! Check out the list below to see what your favorite wine pairs with or how to create the perfect wine menu to accompany your dinner!

Pinot Grigio is an Italian white wine pairing best with lighter dishes, it is most often paired with chicken and fish. We offer Kris and our house by the glass 

Looking for an Italian Red wine? Consider Sangiovese, Super Tuscan, Chianti, Montepulciano, Valpolicella. All pair well with Italian fare, the Sangiovese is light enough to pair with a delicate fish plate but complex enough to hold it’s own with a heartier dish such as a pork chop.

A Chianti will shine next to heavier dishes such as a ribeye smothered in bourguignon. 

The Ca Brigiano is a Montepulciano boasting a hint of vanilla and red fruits. Light enough to be enjoyed without food it's sure to elevate anything on the lighter side such as bruschetta or ravioli.

Valpolicella is a wine that uses an interesting technique in the winemaking process. It uses some semi-dried grapes giving some raisin qualities to the wine. Our Allegrini Classico is a “bigger” wine with hints of herbs and pepper delicious with pasta dishes or even something as light as an antipasto salad.

Lastly the IGT super Tuscan, Brancaia Tre is a dry, medium-bodied blend offering a great way to jump into the world of Italian wine. Notes of chocolate, raspberry, and leather lend this pairing to smoky braised meats and good company perfect with a piece of decadent chocolate cake!

And, don't worry - if you don't have the time or energy - or ability - to create the meals, Mario's Italian Restaurant is offering take-out and delivery of its entire menu! Moreover, if you want Mario's to prep a date-worthy meal for you (or your family) check out this great option: