Does Anybody Know What Time it is?

By South Charlotte Macaroni Kid April 12, 2020

I have reached the point of delirium with shelter in place. The days and hours are all running together and now that it's spring break and the kids have nothing to do and really no place they can do the Chicago song is running through my head on a regular basis. My days are a blur of coffee, walking the dog 5 times (she cannot wait for us to go back to school and work) working, mediating the fight de jour~trying to figure out dinner and yelling at kids to stop snacking. 

I am in love with the slow pace and easy evenings. Pre-Covid I was running carpool from 3:30 PM-9:00 PM 4 days a week, throwing dinner on the table at 7:00 PM to start the feeding in shifts in between activities and homework. My kids are learning to be bored, they each picked a skill to learn and now have time to work on it. We are eating dinner earlier and together. We have had our struggles, each of my kids and myself have hit a breaking point at least once, this has lent itself to some pretty awesome chats with my kids. We have talked more about resilience and dealing with difficult times than we ever have. We have had chat about the importance of family and the value of friendships. 

This is hard, but we can do hard, we have done hard before. Maybe instead of Chicago, I need to channel my inner Kelly Clarkson and start singing "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"   



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