How Parents Can Make the Most of This School Year

By YMCA Charlotte August 9, 2020

For many Charlotte families, the 2020/21 school year is going to look a lot different than in years past. The Charlotte Mecklenburg School system recently announced that remote learning will replace in-person classes for the 2020/21 school year after a two-week introductory period. 

It will be an adjustment for many students, but most kids these days are fairly tech-savvy and are used to engaging with others through technology for long periods of time.

This change may, however, pose a few challenges for parents. How can I work while my child is at home? How can I give them the academic support they need? Will they be getting enough exercise?  Local organizations are stepping up their efforts to alleviate these worries for families in our area. The YMCA of Greater Charlotte is maximizing their resources and putting a ton of effort into making sure this school year is better than ever. The YMCA announced they will offer programs for students doing part-time or full-time virtual learning to help complement what kids will learn through CMS. 

During the summer, the Y made some important operational changes to ensure the health and safety of their overnight campers and plan to implement these successful precautions in all of their back-to-school programs this year.  Here is what the Y is offering local families:

Enrichment That is More Than Just Childcare 

School Days+ gives parents the opportunity to send their child to a safe place to play, learn and grow while they aren’t in their traditional school environment. They offer full-day options on a weekly schedule in order to give students and families customizability to complement their changing needs and schedules. 

Homeschool Materials for Supplemental Learning

Even before the pandemic, the YMCA ran a very successful homeschool program that helped parents give their children a well-rounded education. During the school year, they will continue to partner with parents as they offer enriching programs to engage minds and grow kids’ skillsets.

Education That Goes Outside of the Classroom

Kids don’t have to be stuck at home to learn something new. The YMCA of Greater Charlotte helps kids learn more about the natural world through hands-on experiences in their environmental education program at YMCA Camp Harrison and YMCA Camp Thunderbird.

Schoolwork Assistance & Tutoring

We’re not sure how teacher to student communication will work yet, but individual attention may not be as readily available from your child’s school. That means the potential for more tough questions for parents. Luckily the YMCA offers a Homework Hub service that can help provide the academic support your student needs.

Find More Helpful Programs at the Y

This school year is filled with plenty of opportunities for kids to learn and thrive at the Y. In addition to the programs mentioned above, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte also offers swim lessons, teen programs, virtual learning, youth sports at home, and more! You can find all of their helpful programs and services on their Back to School page. 

The Y is Hiring Parents & Teens to Fill Back to School Needs

The YMCA is helping reignite the Charlotte economy after the impact of COVID-19 on our local job market. They are actively seeking qualified parents to fill  Lead School-Age Counselor and Lead Afterschool Counselor positions across the county. Teens and young adults are encouraged to apply for School-Age Counselor and Afterschool Counselor positions as well. Check back at the YMCA of Greater Charlotte job center as new positions become available.