Veteran's Day~What it is and how you can support vets

By South Charlotte Macaroni Kid November 6, 2022

Do you know why we celebrate Veteran's Day? Every November 11 we think of and thank those who have served our country. I'm an army brat, I grew up traveling the country and the world thanks to my dad's career in the army. I grew up with a vast knowledge and spent many Veteran's Day holidays watching parades with my family and as I got older, hearing stories about my dad's time in Vietnam 

But what is Veteran's Day and why do we celebrate it? 

What: Veteran's Day came to be a national holiday after World War I. 

Why:  After the Treaty of Versailles was signed on November 11, 1918, Congress proclaimed the day for "giving thanksgiving and prayers" to reflect on the heroism of the men and women who served in the most destructive war of the time. 

Who: Veteran's Day celebrates all members of the armed forces who have served. 

Fun Fact: Veteran's Day was originally named Armistice Day and was changed to Veteran's Day in 1953. 

Veteran's Day is a day of celebration, this is a day we thank the vets we know and honor their service to our country. What can you do? If you have a vet in your life give them a call and ask them to share some of their stories about the time they served. It will help you give a better understanding of the special sacrifices they have made for our country and you may just learn some fun facts about someone you love! 

Several local businesses offer vets freebies on Veteran's Day, look for some and share them with your special vet! 

Want to learn more? Here are a few great resources! 

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The Veteran's History Project (a great resource with letters, stories, and videos from vets) 

To my dad and every other veteran out there, we are so grateful for your service! It is because of you we have the America we do!