Teen Acne: Pro Tips from TBH Skincare Spa

How Food and Skin are Inextricably Linked ~ One Teen's Experience

By Zoe Frances & Tiffany Huber February 14, 2021

In a generation of social media trends, misinformation regarding skincare is more prevalent than ever before. Without proper guidance by skin care professionals, we may unknowingly be doing more harm than good. 

I began to wonder about the authenticity of these trends and how they are affecting teen skincare. I sought advice from a trained Esthetician at TBH Skincare in Indian trail, North Carolina, to see what habits I could implement to improve my skin routine. Luckily for me, my mom is the Head Esthetician at TBH; she and I collaborated and decided to set a month aside to do some lifestyle modifications. 

This change included dietary alterations, eliminating sodium, dairy products, and cutting back on my sugar intake. Additionally, we began a skin regimen that included 

  • A bubbly face wash that catered to my skin type
  • A hydrating and bacterial resistant serum
  • An acne killing face mask and 
  • A rich moisturizer. 

With the combination of these manageable changes, I started to see significant improvements in my skin; I began to observe less texture and saw more clarity. As a result of this trial month, I now know how to identify fake trends and am promptly equipped to implement healthy home habits, Thanks, mom!

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Tiff's Tips for Teens:

  • DO NOT wash your face in the shower
  • DO wash your face at the sink so you can control the water temperature. Cooler water reduces inflammation. 
  • DO change your pillowcase daily, fresh pillowcases are free from bacteria. 
  • DO Clean your make-up brushes and sponges in anti-bacterial soap daily. 
  • DO use mineral-based makeup. It won't clog your pores, contains anti-inflammation ingredients. 
  • DO NOT use scrubs to exfoliate if you have acne-prone skin. Enzymes are best for acne-prone skin. 

For more information on how to combat acne book a professional treatment with an expert esthetician. We offer organic teen facials and excellent treatments for adult acne. 

Tiffany Huber is the owner of TBH Skincare Spa in Indian Trail. Offering a full-spectrum of skincare services, lash treatments, and waxing - her staff is kind, professional, and meticulous. 

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