An Interview with the Tooth Fairy PLUS Personalized Letters!

THREE Personalized Letters from The Tooth Fairy to Your Kiddo!

By Rachael Weiss~ Publisher Union County Macaroni Kid February 22, 2021

I don't know how we got so lucky, but South Charlotte Macaroni Kid was able to secure a 1:1 interview with our Tooth Fairy the last time she was in our neighborhood. Not only were we able to get all of our most PRESSING questions answered, but she also wanted to make sure that our loyal Macaroni Kid readers have something to help your littles when the time comes for them to say "bye-bye" to their baby teeth!

She has PERSONALIZED letters for your child's first lost tooth, all the other teeth, AND for when she accidentally can't make it THAT night with a day-late letter!

But, for now....let's hear what she has to say!

South Charlotte Macaroni Kid (SCMK): What do you look like?

Tooth Fairy (TF): Well, I'm super sparkly. I have glitter-hair and shiny skin. I glow a little, actually - and I produce a beautiful soft light when I flap my wings. My wings are absolutely beautiful - but they are delicate, which is why I tuck them away when not flying - I'd hate to injure myself!

SCMK: Do you wear a dress? Tiara? 

TF: It depends on the weather. If its cold out, a dress could be quite breezy and I am fetching teeth all times of year. My favorite outfit is my pink and purple tu-tu with glitter. And, yes, I USUALLY wear a small, shiny tiara in my hair. 

SCMK: How do you know when someone loses a tooth each day?

TF: It's magic, just like me! I get a magical list with all of their details on it - which tooth, where, how and where they live!

SCMK: How do you get into the house? 

TF: Well, I'm magical - which means that as soon as I know you are asleep, I can sprinkle my tooth fairy dust and say your address - it will pop me right through. your window without ever making a sound. 

SCMK: Where do you store the teeth while you fly?

TF: That's a tricky one - I see so many kids and collect so many teeth every night, plus I have the money or gifts to leave at each Child's home. I have a magical sack that actually flies alongside of me on its own. Otherwise, it would be way too heavy for little old me to carry!

SCMK: What do you do with our teeth? 

TF: We use them in my home-town, Fairyland, to build our city. The whole town is made of children's teeth - which is why it is so important that children keep them in their best condition with brushing, flossing and using mouth-wash. It's also important that they aren't stained by juice or candy. 

SCMK: Can you find "missing teeth"?

TF: What kind of magical fairy would I be if I couldn't locate missing teeth? Of COURSE, I can! So, friends, you never have to worry if you can't find the tooth that just fell out before I come around at night.

SCMK: Do you ever get a break? 

TF: Yep! Sometimes, I have to call on my sister Tooth Fairies from other parts of the world to help out because even the Tooth Fairy gets sick. But, when no one can cover for me, don't worry - I'll make sure to visit you as soon as I can. It doesn't mean your teeth are any less important than they were before - just that I was sick and couldn't make it.

SCMK: How do you decide what to leave and how much? 

TF: Usually I leave money, but sometimes I leave a small toy. It all depends on the tooth, how it was lost, where and when. Sometimes, it also depends on the parents' requests. I want them to be happy, too. 

SCMK: Will you stop a child's house if they don't believe in you? 

TF: Nope. Just like other magical creatures, I can only enter your home if someone inside of it believes in me - especially the child who has lost a tooth. Did you know, if you stop believing, a fairy will lose its wings? That's true for the Tooth Fairy too - so I need you to remember to leave those teeth for me to collect and I promise to bring a special something in return!

Click here for your personalized letter for a first tooth. 

Click here for your personalized letter for any tooth. 

Click here for your personalized letter when the Tooth Fairy is a day-late.

Special thanks to Carolina Kids Dentistry in Waxhaw for this opportunity to speak with the Tooth Fairy. Carolina Kids Dentistry is pediatric dental practice that specializes in preventing dental disease and promoting a lifetime of healthy smiles in children from infancy through young adulthood and in special needs patients of all ages. We strive to make every dental visit a pleasant and comfortable one for your child. To meet the CKD team, or to schedule your child's next dental exam, call 980.339.8720 or visit them on the web at