Has This Past Year Deflated You?

Try this At-Home Experiment from IdeaLab Kids & Check Out IdeaLab Kids Marvin Camps this Summer!

By IDEA Lab Kids ~ Marvin March 29, 2021

What a hard year! Right?! 

The constant ping-pong of virtual and in-person learning had us all looking for ways to find normalcy. With so many of us now having access to a vaccine, I am confident that this summer will be just what we need to find our routines and have some time for ourselves again. We need time away from our children to reconnect with our partners. And let’s face it, we need some ME time. 

Can I hear an amen?!

I’ve included a self-inflating balloon STEAM activity that you can do at home with your children, and I hope that you have fun with it! But really, I want you to use it as a reminder to find ways to “self-inflate” your spirit. Practice some self-care. You deserve it. To make time for self-care, we hope you choose IDEA Lab Kids Marvin summer camps to educate and entertain your kiddos this summer.

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Take a few minutes today to plan on ways for you to “self-inflate” this summer! Allow IDEA Lab Kids Marvin to be a part of your ME time routine! 

Self-Inflating Balloon

  1. Gather your materials: 
    • 1 balloon, 
    • 1 T. baking soda 
    • 1 T. citric acid
      • If you don’t have this, use vinegar, no water. The reaction may not be as strong.
    • 2 T. water
  2. Place baking soda and citric acid in the balloon. (If using vinegar, go to the next step.) Use a funnel. Makes it easier.
  3. Get ready! You move quickly now. Using the funnel, add the water (or vinegar) to the balloon and immediately pinch the balloon opening to keep the chemical reaction in the balloon. 
  4. Quickly tie the balloon. Seriously fast! 
  5. Shake the balloon. Make observations. What do you think causes the sounds?
  6. Feel the temperature of the balloon. Is it cooler or warmer than before?
  7. Squeeze the balloon. How does it feel? Shake the balloon until it stops inflating.

Brain Blast Facts

Self-Inflating balloons demonstrate the chemical reaction that occurs when an acid and base are mixed. The chemical reaction between baking soda (a base) and citric acid releases stored energy in the form of carbon dioxide gas that accounts for the fizzing, popping, and expansion of the balloon. Interestingly, the balloon also cools because of an endothermic process that results when the baking soda dissolves in the citric acid.