Cinco de Mayo Maracas!

By Anna Hall April 21, 2021

Kids will love this fun and easy Cinco de Mayo craft. Use paper or styrofoam cups and beans/rice to make musical maracas.

What you will need:

- 2 styrofoam or paper cups

- colored tape or hot glue gun

- paints in various colors

- decorative accents such as pom-poms, buttons, sequins, stickers, etc

- glue

- rice or beans or unpopped popcorn kernels

What to do:

- Fill one cup with rice and/or beans and/or unpopped popcorn kernels; you only need a handful inside the cup

- Turn the other cup over and place on top of filled cup, lining up rims

- Use colored heavy-duty tape to tape the cups together (can use hot-glue gun to glue cups together; I used black electrical tape!)

- Decorate the cups by painting as you wish and gluing on decorative accents (you may choose to paint the cups before taping them together)

- Allow to dry

- Shake and enjoy your maracas!