How I Turned Back Time...On My Face!~ Guest Post from Rachael Weiss

The Benefits of Monthly Facials ~ My 12-Month Journey with TBH Skincare Spa

By Rachael Weiss~ Publisher Union County Macaroni Kid July 9, 2021

It's time I fess up: I only started washing my face (regularly) and using sunscreen in 2020. 

Before you get grossed out - let me explain. It's not that I didn't wash my face (I'm not that gross), it's just that I never had an actual skin-care routine. I didn't have specific face soap. I didn't moisturize. I would sometimes apply sunscreen. I was just lucky. I had good genes and never really broke out. I didn't have cystic acne. I never really got overly oily or dry. But, I was 41 and the reality was - I was starting to get wrinkles and my lack of skincare routine was starting to show. 

And, just as I started noticing my age, I also noticed this sweet little green and blue house across from Indian Trail Elementary School and the new business that opened within it: TBH Skincare Spa. I reached out to Tiffany Huber (the TBH in the name!) and scheduled my first appointment. I had had facials before, so I thought I knew what to expect, but upon arrival, my expectations were turned upside down. 

First, let me tell you about my experience so you can understand why I stuck with it: Tiffany a demure, kind and very laid-back. She welcomed me into her space and made me instantly feel like a friend. She assessed my skin and came up with a plan that she shared with me before we began. She explained things to me as she worked, but also allowed me to just melt into the table and relax. By the end, I might have been snoozing! And, when it was all over, she asked me what I would really do - and when I told her I would wash my face and moisturize, ONLY THEN did she suggest 2 products, which I purchased. 

Suggestions I didn't have to purchase were plentiful: drop the straw, get rid of old products and where to keep my new products so I'd use them - all of which helped me keep this up. And then we made my next appointment. 

Here's a month-by-month progression of my skin (the top left is June 2020; the bottom right is last week!)
Here's the thing: I'd never made monthly facials a thing. In the past, I had gone to big spas and treated facials as a luxury. Real talk: they are a luxury and I know this. However, what is different at TBH is that I see the same person month after month. She has gotten to know my skin and my shortcomings when it comes to my own regimen. She can tell when I'm dehydrated or stressed. She never pushes products - especially those she knows I will NEVER use. And, as a result, I keep coming back. Every month - this is my priority. And, my skin shows it.  

Take a look at this - the photo on the left is 1 year ago and the one on the right is from Friday. Again, I am 43 in 90 days and my skin looks better than it did when I was 33. And I have Tiffany at TBH to thank for this. She taught me how to take care of myself without spending a fortune. She taught me that more product doesn't mean better and that sometimes, its about other behaviors more than the skincare itself. 

Curious about TBH Skincare Spa - check them out online or on Facebook and Instagram. TBH is currently offering a Vitamin A facial infusion that reduces fine lines & wrinkles, thickens the dermis, increases collagen production, increases elasticity and reduces uneven textures/scars - all to give you healthy glowing skin. Another of my favorite services is the OsmosisMD Revitapen Collagen Facial with lymphatic drainage and cryosticks! You can see that treatment below!

TBH Skincare Spa is located at 307 Indian Trail Road South, Indian Trail and you can always call them at (704) 962 – 5676

TBH Skincare is a Union County MacaroniKid Sponsor, and as such, my treatments are complimentary in exchange for an advertising campaign. However, the opinions, images and review above are my own experience and one I gladly share in earnest.