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Fall 2022 CMS Sports Schedules

By South Charlotte Macaroni Kid August 29, 2022

Fall is in the air, school is back in session and school sports are in full swing! This is a great year to attend your local high school's sporting events! As of this writing, there is no limit on spectators for outdoor sports, and masks are required to attend indoor sporting events. Why should you attend a high school sporting event? It's a great way to support local athletes, these kids have worked to stay in shape and ready for teams through the pandemic and a season that was cut short last year. This year more than ever we should try and get to a game so they can hear the cheer of fans again. Not to mention, you may get a first glance at a student who is going to go on to play in college or professionally! Admissions to the games require tickets, you can purchase tickets in advance at VarsityTix

Here are the links to the High School Fall Sports 

Football (Go Providence!) 

Men's Varsity Soccer 

Women's Varsity Volleyball

Men's Cross Country


Women's Cross Country  

**High School tennis also plays in the fall, we could not find any information that showed if spectators are allowed. Please contact your local high school directly for information on additional fall sports. 

** Field Hockey is a fall club sport, their schedule can be found on each high school's website