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What's trending for Women and Teens this Fall

By Melina Drozario September 15, 2021

Fall is practically here. Football is around the corner, Pumpkin Spice is finally back at Starbucks, the weather is having major mood swings (but that's not anything new) and people are busting out their Fall wardrobe. So here is a quick overview of what people are wearing this season.

~ Kicking us off is jeans and a plain tee paired with a coat. Honestly, this outfit is great because it is minimalist but still makes you look fabulous and paired with boots...killer.

~ Pro-tip, one thing that is always in season is flannel which can be worn with anything and everything. Dress it up or down is your choice but you can never go wrong.

~ Here is a more casual look, a very cozy look. Am I practically wearing the same outfit while writing this, Yes... yes I am and I absolutely approve.

~ Sweaters, Graphic tees, skirts, and dresses are all great choices. Go anywhere and you will see people wearing all of this. Keep it casual or dress up, you can do it all.

~ Jumpers and sweatshirts are also lovely pieces of clothing, pair them with mom jeans, skinny jeans, baggy or ripped jeans (or anything other than jeans). Or If you're more of a "shorts and crop top" type of person, those work just all well too and crop tops are great, I've got lots of those.

~ Casual top or causal bottom in a company with a fancier top or bottom will give your outfit a major pop. Everyone this season is doing this combo. It's snazzy and classy and I adore it.

~ Legging and a crop top, legging and a sweater, legging and practically everything, yes please a thousand times over. When I tell you lots of people wear these types of outfits, it's an understatement. Everybody wears these types of outfits, me included.

~ Sweaters are always wonderful and half of my closet is sweaters. The best part is that they can be styled so many different ways. My go to is with jeans but they can be paired with pretty much anything you wish.

~ Is it another flannel outfit...maybeee. But really if you don’t own at least one pair then is your wardrobe really complete? 

And there you have it, a crash course on what everyone is wearing this Fall. Slightly fancy but also really comfortable and will make you feel great while wearing the outfits. So get ready, Fall is right around the corner and while you're waiting, grab some pumpkin spice coffee to really kick things off.