Skincare by the Ages ~ What to do and When

TBH Skincare's Tips for Your Routine, No Matter Your Age

By TBH Skincare September 19, 2021

While some skincare routines are more complex, depending on your age - there are certain things you need to be doing. This is not to say that you can't have multiple steps at any and all ages, but your skincare foundation is a great start to healthy, glowing skin. So, get these first steps mastered and build from there:

Teens: Know your cleanser! 
Are you oily? Do you have combination skin? Do you have breakouts? Or just a good cleanser to remove make-up and sweat.  At this stage in life skin conditions are ever-changing so don’t be afraid to change it up! If you are able book an educational teen facial to get you started on the right path for your skin. 

In your 20’s: Know the best Vitamin C
Vitamin C prevents premature aging and protects your skin from free radical damage. In the morning you are protecting and in the evening, you are repairing.  Seek professional product consultation from a licensed esthetician to ensure the best formulation for your skin condition. The incorrect formulation or overuse commonly results in blackheads. 

In (or by) your 30s: Understand cell turnover
By your 30s, your cell turnover slows down,  so you will want to have mastered your exfoliant. This is the most common mistake I see with clients. You may love a good scrub, but your broken capillaries don’t! Seek professional advice on this one too. Most signature facials are $100 and you can learn what is the best type and applications each week for your unique skin. 

In your 40’s: Get serious about eye creams 
I have my clients using a basic eye cream in their 30s, but now it’s time to incorporate an anti-aging eye cream! Dark circles, loss of fatty pad, and crows feet all can be corrected with the proper ingredients. Eye creams are an investment so what your friend uses may not be the best fit for you. Consult with your esthetician on what is the right formula for your needs.

In your 50's +: Get started with serums
You need a powerhouse serum. I have my clients using a proven stem factor with clinical studies. Stem factors play a crucial role in delaying the aging process. By promoting cell turnover and increasing collagen production, this is a product you will want in your arsenal. 

And no matter your age, please make sure you are using a daily SPF cream. SPF is crucial at every age to protect our skin! 

Call TBH Skincare today and ask about our new SkinWave machine - it offers something for everyone. Not sure what we mean? check out this IGTV with Macaroni Kid. 

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