Summer Pass: Teens Work Out for Free at Planet Fitness This Summer!

By South Charlotte Macaroni Kid May 27, 2024

I was first introduced to Planet Fitness by my aunt when I was in Florida and loved it! On my last visit, I found out that they will be offering free memberships for teens this summer. Planet Fitness is a great low-key place to work out. The atmosphere is great for all fitness levels and all abilities, as a matter of fact, they even have a "lunk alarm" that goes off when someone is slamming weights and grunting like a meathead they set off an alarm. Planet Fitness will be offering free memberships for teens ages 14-19. Sign-up opens on May 16, you can pre-register at this link. 

Here are the details: 

Who: Teens ages 14-19 

When June 1 to August 31 

How: Register at this link

Details: Teens can only work out at the Planet Fitness that they register at. Kids under 18 must have a parent register them (parents do not have to join). Teens should download the Planet Fitness app to register for classes as well as take advantage of the virtual workouts offered on the app. 

More good news! All teens who register will also be entered to win a $500 and $5000 scholarship. 

Memberships for adults are only $10 a month so go work out with your kids!