Stay Swim-Ready with British Swim School for a Safer Summer!

By British Swim School of Metro Charlotte January 22, 2023

Outdoor pools may be closed – but they do not disappear,  pools, ponds, lakes, water parks, and even bathtubs are an ever-present potential danger.

Learning water survival is first and foremost a skill – not a sport or activity. It is a lifelong necessity and is always in season. Give your child the time needed to learn before the spring rush and summer swim season.

Staying “swim-ready” throughout the year reduces the risk of drowning by 88%! 

Additionally, swimming year-round will enhance their all-around well-being, providing a balanced form of exercise, reducing anxiety, and releasing endorphins into the body.. It’s a great way to promote activity in children which can improve sleep while reinforcing their skillset and improving their ability to survive in a variety of water situations. 

Additionally, studies suggest that little ones who swim have enhanced cognitive ability, social skills, and advanced coordination.  

For more information and to add swim lessons to your fall routine, contact British Swim School of Metro Charlotte today! Locations in Rock Hill, Ballantyne & Piper Glen.

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