Don’t Leave Summer to Luck! Jovie will get you summer-ready

By Jovie Myers Park and Ballantyne January 22, 2023

If you haven’t talked to your children about their ideas for summer, here are the steps to get the process started and what to consider as spring unfolds.  It’s important to factor in the time your children have spent in class this school year and the activities they were engaged.  Asking the children how they imagine their summer is important. If the children are old enough, have a family meeting to set the stage and get summer underway.


And if you think it’s too early, as a 15-year childcare veteran, I guarantee you, it isn’t. When parents are working outside the home or juggling multiple children while at home, summer must be a finely choreographed calendar of activities, camps, vacations, and playdates all tied to an adult to help coordinate travel, meals, and, for some children, the needed downtime that summer is designed to allow.   

While these summer options are “back to normal”—overnight camps, park and rec programs, and local kid-centric day camps are in full swing—the high demand for workers is still limiting capacity. Booking your planned activities may be limiting, but starting early will certainly help. 

And, of course, all your early planning may not result in being lucky enough to secure a full summer of care and coverage.  Jovie can help with childcare provided all summer, part of the summer, or to help get all the children moved around to the great activities you have planned.  Our full-service approach helps you head off chaos while providing engaging and entertaining care for your children this summer.  Contact for further information.

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