7 Ways to Celebrate Opposite Day on January 25th

From Backwards Clothing to Meals in Reverse.....

By Union County Macaroni Kid January 22, 2023

Nothing sounds more awful AWESOME than spending your day doing the opposite of what you are "supposed" to do. As a kid, I used to love when we'd have backward day - but had no idea that January 25th is nationally recognized as Opposite Day. 

Why not have a little fun with your kiddos this week and declare an Opposite Day at home? Here are 7 ways to have fun with your family on Opposite Day:

  • Play a game of reverse charades - instead of acting out a word or phrase, one person must describe it to the group. 
  • Have a backwards dinner - start with dessert, then soup, the main course and end with an appetizer. 
  • Go for a backwards walk - start at your destination and make your way back home. 
  • Have a backwards movie night - watch the ending of movies first, then the middle, and lastly the beginning. 
  • Make opposite-day cards - write messages that are the opposite of what you mean and exchange them with friends. 
  • Wear your clothes inside out - pick out a unique outfit and switch it up! 
  • Play a game of opposites - create categories and give teams opposite words to guess.

We've also created this fun printable you can use for a few other ideas:

Have a HORRIBLE day ;-)