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Teaching Children to Manage Their Own Learning

By Huntington Learning Center ~ Weddington November 20, 2023

Will there ever be a day that parents feel confident in not checking Canvas or Powerschool? Today may not be that day, or tomorrow, or this school year; however, learning when to let go is important to your child’s future. At Huntington-Weddington, we regularly see parents checking, often multiple times per day, on their child’s grades, missing work, or upcoming assignments. Sound familiar? Is this necessary? For a time, it is necessary because, of course, we do not want our children to fail, but there comes a time to let go. If not, our children will not be prepared for life beyond high school. 

How do we let go? I sound like Elsa. The first step is to slowly control the checking, it takes will, but you can do it! The second, teach your child to manage their own learning. This is not just about organization but giving children the power to be successful.

Everyone knows we like a good tip! What can parents do to help their children manage and take ownership of their learning? 

Encourage comprehension monitoring. One of the keys to becoming a more self-monitoring learner is the ability to recognize when something does or does not make sense. When doing homework of any kind, children should ask themselves if they understand the homework. If there is any confusion, they should write down the specific areas that are not clear and develop a plan on how to gain clarity. Think of it as “checking in.” 

Use rubrics to work toward learning milestones. If teachers provide a checklist with learning goals or main points, USE IT. It is a good idea for children to keep them on hand so they can assess their learning and performance as they work. 

Ask the right questions. Asking questions in class sounds like an obvious way to manage one’s own learning, but students don’t always ask the right ones. Students should ask clarification questions, absolutely; however, questions to connect ideas and/or apply an idea to the real world help them master the material. This will also build CONFIDENCE!

Help them see the relevance. Whenever possible, parents should help their children understand why the work they do in the classroom matters and is relevant to other areas of their lives. This could include shopping at the grocery store, chore charts, or understanding a new topic. Every day, everywhere are opportunities to apply this relevance to their lives.

At Huntington-Weddington, we believe that skills, confidence, and motivation are the keys to academic success. When you teach your children to manage their own learning, they will build their skills, leading to continued confidence and motivation.

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