10 Creative Winter Snacks to Make With Your Kids

By South Charlotte Macaroni KId January 7, 2024

It is so cold out and kids are getting restless staying inside, here are 10 creative snacks you can make with your kids or that they can make on their own! 

  • Snowman Cheese Sticks:
    • Ingredients: String cheese, black olives, and carrot sticks.
    • Slice string cheese and stack the slices to create a snowman. Use black olives for eyes and buttons, and a small piece of carrot for the nose.
  • Pretzel Rod Snowflakes:
    • Ingredients: Pretzel rods, white chocolate, and winter-themed sprinkles.
    • Dip pretzel rods into melted white chocolate and sprinkle with winter-themed decorations before the chocolate sets.
  • Hot Cocoa Rice Krispie Treats:
    • Ingredients: Rice Krispie cereal, marshmallows, butter, hot cocoa mix.
    • Prepare Rice Krispie treats as usual, but mix in hot cocoa powder before adding the cereal. Cut into squares and enjoy!
  • Winter Fruit Kabobs:
    • Ingredients: Assorted fruits (such as grapes, banana slices, and berries).
    • Thread the fruits onto skewers to create colorful and healthy winter fruit kabobs.
  • Snowman Pancakes:
    • Ingredients: Pancake mix, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and fruit.
    • Make pancakes of different sizes, stack them, and use whipped cream, chocolate chips, and fruit to create a snowman face.
  • Penguin Cookies:
    • Ingredients: Chocolate sandwich cookies, white chocolate, orange candy (for the beak), and black icing.
    • Melt white chocolate, dip the cookies in it, and add orange candy for the beak. Use black icing to create eyes and wings.
  • Snowy Trail Mix:
    • Ingredients: Popcorn, pretzels, white chocolate chips, and winter-themed candies.
    • Mix together popcorn, pretzels, white chocolate chips, and winter-themed candies to create a sweet and salty snowy trail mix.
  • Snowflake Sandwiches:
    • Ingredients: Bread, cream cheese, and snowflake-shaped cookie cutters.
    • Make sandwiches using snowflake-shaped cookie cutters. Spread cream cheese on the bread for a snowy touch.
  • Marshmallow Snowmen:
    • Ingredients: Large marshmallows, pretzel sticks, chocolate chips, and icing.
    • Stack three marshmallows using pretzel sticks, use chocolate chips for eyes and buttons, and use icing to draw on a mouth and carrot nose.
  • Winter Wonderland Popcorn:
    • Ingredients: Popcorn, white chocolate, winter-themed sprinkles, and edible glitter.
    • Drizzle melted white chocolate over popcorn, then add winter-themed sprinkles and edible glitter for a festive touch.