What a Week We Had~

July 11, 2019

Charlotte is truly a little big town. It is funny how your worlds collide~ My daughter had an accident at the gym this week that resulted in a nasty broken arm. I picked her up from the gym and rushed her to the OrthoCarolina Urgent Care in Matthews, the staff was amazing and seeing how much pain she was in the expedited her into a room. The PA who came in was great with her, he was so warm, friendly and reassuring. As he was chatting with her he shared his background playing lacrosse and the injuries he had seen. As I listened to him, doing a great job if distracting her while he examined her arm it dawned on me that he was the Michael Roberts who wrote our latest post about lacrosse and had helped us with our past post, A Parents Guide to Soccer. Small world! Not only is Michael a great resource for parents regarding sports but he is an amazing PA that I now have first hand experience with. We are so grateful to Michael and the whole team at the urgent care for the attention that our daughter received. She has a pretty scary break, we had our follow up this week with one of our other favorite OrthoCarolina PA Joe Cofer and a great consult with Dr. Clark. We are not sure what her prognosis will be right now, we are hoping for no surgery but we know that the team will do everything they can to help her recover fully. You can meet Michael via our Lacrosse 101 article this week. 

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